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At an NRC pace

Second ESBWR license moves throuigh costly process
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff has completed thereviews for a license to build and operate a General Electric Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR) at Dominion Resources' North Anna site near Mineral, Virginia. If the Combined License is approved by the commission following hearings expected later this year, it will be the second construction and operating license for what GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy describes as the world’s safest approved reactor design. Completion of the Final Safety Evaluation Report for the North Anna license was announced Thursday with the NRC statingthere are no safety aspects that would preclude issuing the license for construction and operation of the proposed reactor, adjacent to two operating reactors about 40 miles northwest of Richmond.

Helena was no Jonas

2017's first storm left less damage, set no records
The year's first storm brought cold that challenged Duke Energy's Carolina generation and delivery efforts without the extensive transmission system damage of four storms the previous three years. Jonas was 30 hours of snow, sleet, freezing rain and high winds that battered Duke's North and South Carolina service area on January 22/23, 2016; leaving 604,000 customers without power, the utility said in June when it announced receipt of Edison Electric Institute's Emergency Recovery Award for its power restoration efforts after the storm. That was half the roughly 1.2 million outages 25 utilities reported to the Department of Energy after Jonas roared across the South and up the East Coast. Duke noted it has earned the award 12 times since the trade association began presenting it in 1998. The 11th time was in March 2015 for the utility's efforts after two severe winter storms in the Carolinas in February and Ma…