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Truckin' Raises Prices

Growing octane needs widen premium/regular price spread The engine designs increasing the fuel economy of the trucks that are all the rage on Cape Fear are boosting the demand for premium gasoline, increasing the price difference between the high-octane blend and regular gasoline. The Energy Information Administration found the difference between U.S. average retail prices for the two grades reached 50 cents per gallon in late 2016, addingit has remained near that level so far in 2017.  One of the main performance characteristics of motor gasoline is octane, a measure of gasoline’s resistance to spontaneous combustion.

GNF's 7th Symposium

There are more nuclear engineers than usual in Wilmington, North Carolina this week. Some 30 from around the world are attending Global Nuclear Fuel's seventh annual Nuclear Energy Fuel Symposium Attendees include fuel design, fuel reliability and boiling water reactor engineers employed by nuclear power plant operators in the U.S., Europe and Japanwho are in town for two days (Tuesday, Wednesday) of presentations at the Coastline Conference and Event Center. L

Cape Fear Power Costs Going Up

Files with NCUC seeking $477 Million/YearFirst Rate Request in 5 Years The utility delivering electricity to eastern North Carolina has asked state regulators for  a 14.9 percent increase in those sales revenues, effective January 1 2018. Duke Energy Progress filed with the NC Utilities Commission for a $477 million revenue increase saying about half reflects investments in a cleaner power mix -- closing older, less-efficient coal-fired plants, and expanding natural gas and solar generation. Also covered, the cost of managing coal ash and responding to major storms.