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Nuclear power back after wildfire

North Carolina’s oldest nuclear reactor was back at full power by lunch time Thursday after a day and a half of reduced power due a wildfire near Bolivia.   The Clemmons Road Fire was first reported about 1:30 Tuesday afternoon just outside the 10-mile emergency notification area of Duke Energy’s Brunswick Nuclear Plant. A few hours later, the wildfire was out of control.   Brunswick Nuclear Unit 2 power was reduced to 86% late Tuesday when a 230 kilovolt transmission line passing through the fire area faulted out, Brunswick Nuclear spokeswoman Karen Williams said Thursday.   The line which connects the Southport power plant to Whiteville is the furthest west of eight 230 kV lines distributing electricity generated at Brunswick Nuclear.   Unit 1 continued to operate at 100% throughout the fire, Duke Energy told the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.   The problem causing the fault was isolated and service was re-established, Williams said, adding “this caused a disruption at the connector f…